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What Size of Cello Do I Need?

With cellos, as well as many other things in life, one size does not fit all. Finding the right size of cello will set your student up for success.

Fortunately, it isn’t as difficult as you might think. Cello size is largely determined based on your student’s height. If you’re renting a cello, make sure the company allows you to trade up as your student grows. Teton Music is just one of those companies who happily trades in your student’s smaller cello for a larger one.

Although you might be inclined to buy a larger cello for your student to avoid having to trade up, you’ll actually do a disservice to the student (and you’ll frustrate their teacher). An instrument that is too large quickly becomes a challenge to play.

Cello sizing measuring chartNote: These sizes are approximate. For best results, you should be measured in person and sized with an actual cello.