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Sonor Primary AMP 2-1 Alto Metallophone Chromatic Add-On

Sonor Primary Line AMP2-1 Alto Metallophone Chromatic Add-on


item name Alto Metallophone
version German model
type alto
sound bar color silver
sound bar material metal, specially alloyed
resonator box with 1 chamber made of birch plywood, FSC™ certified
series Primary
tuning fundamental tuning
item description AMP 2.1 DE
chromatic extension for AMP 1.1 DE
tones c-sharp1, d-sharp1, g-sharp1, c-sharp2, d-sharp2, g-sharp2, b-flat2
lowest note c-sharp1
highest note b-flat2
number of notes 7
item no. 27813401
sound bars metal, specially alloyed, silver, 35 mm x 5 mm
sound bar width 35 mm
sound bars thickness 5 mm
unit 1 piece