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Sonor Meisterklasse SG 19 Soprano Glockenspiel

Sonor Meisterklasse Diatonic Glockenspiel (Range C3 - C5) with F# and Bb, 19 bars.

The aluminum alloy-treated bars are precision tuned to A440, the industry standard. The bars are also wider, which produces a more resonate sound. The beechwood resonator box included multiple chambers, produces superior sound and resonance. The box is fully enclosed so it could be played on a child's lap. Two pairs of mallets are included (wood and rubber heads).

Description Soprano Glockenspiel
Grouping Soprano
Sound Plates Color anthracite
Sound Plates Material Metal, special alloy
Resonance box made of solid beech wood and beech plywood
Series Master Class
Mood Fundamental tone tuning
Scale C major scale
Article description SG 19
Tones c3, d3, e3, f3, fis3, g3, a3, b3, h3, c4, d4, e4, f4, fis4, g4, a4, b4, h4, c5
Accessories 1 pair of rubber head mallets, SCH 3
1 pair of wooden head mallets, SCH 95
deepest tone c3
highest tone c5
Number of tones 19
Article 21103101
Sound Records Metal, special alloy, anthracite, 25 mm x 5 mm
Sound plates width 25 mm
Sound Plate Strength 5 mm
Sales unit 1 piece

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