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Sonor Meisterklasse KS 30 L 1 Alloy Soprano Chime Bar Set, 19pc

Sonor individual resonator bells; diatonic, from C" to C"", with F# & Bb (19 bars). Includes one pair of mallets (254828). Blue metals bars with ivory plastic resonating chambers.


item name Chime Bars - Metallophone
item no.
number of notes
highest note
lowest note
accessories 1 pair Rubber Headed Mallet, SCH 3
scale C major scale
series Meisterklasse
resonator box each tone made of shock-resistant RESOPHEN, white
sound bar material metal, specially alloyed
type soprano
sound bar color blue
tuning fundamental tuning
item description
sound bars metal, specially alloyed, blue, 30 mm x 4 mm
sound bar width 30 mm
sound bars thickness 4 mm
unit 1 set

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