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Scales: Scale Studies For Viola

This is a scale book of unprecedented scope. Simon Fischer has developed an entirely new method in which, using the traditional ways of practising scales only as a point of departure, he focuses on numerous often-neglected aspects of the violist’s technique. For every element he has designed exercises that sensitize the ear, stimulate the mind and build the playing apparatus of the violist.

The many outstanding features of this book include:

  • How to structure intonation around perfect intervals and leading notes
  • A new approach to learning how to time shifts
  • Extensive notation for preparing and holding down fingers
  • One-, two-, three- and four-octave scales and arpeggios
  • Two-octave scales and arpeggios on one string
  • New sequences for single-finger scales

Many well-known Fischer classics are also incorporated, including practice methods for intonation, smooth bowing, string crossing, fast fingers, fourth-finger extensions and placing fingers in blocks. The innovative and wide-ranging material in Scales keeps the player turning the pages, discovering yet more exciting ways to approach scales. The wealth of thought-provoking exercises encourages violists to re-evaluate their practice – developing the playing skills of violists at all levels from intermediate to professional.