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My Body is a Temple (Solo or Unison)

Vocal Solo (or Unison) and Piano
Michelle Willis


Simple primary song that teaches children about the principle of our bodies being a temple. The song teaches things we can do to keep our bodies clean and pure.

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My body is a temple, a gift from God above.
Inside it lives my spirit which was born of Father's love.
My hand can touch, my legs can run, my eyes can see.
I'm pattern'd after Father, snd He wants to dwell with me.

My body is a temple, a glorious work of art.
The outer walls of flesh reflect desires of my heart,
So I will dress with modesty and take great care
To treat my body sacredly by what I say and wear.

My body is a temple, a miracle inside,
Where heart and mind communicate to help my body thrive;
So I will follow words of wisdom faithfully
And only put inside it what is good for me.

My body is a temple, and yours is too,
So I will always have respect when I spend time with you.
I'll use my hands for good and never cause you fear.
I'll keep the sacred trust God gave me when He sent me here.

I am a temple of God;
A holy tabernacle of flesh and bone.
And always with me the Holy Ghost can be
If I protect my body 'til I'm called home.