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I am the Light (SATB or Solo)

SATB or Vocal Solo with Piano
Michelle Willis


Beautiful original hymn with the Lord, Jesus Christ as voice for the text. Suitable for use in sacrament meetings or other church meetings.  May be sung as SATB choir or as a solo.

Difficulty: Easy

I am the Light that shineth forth in darkness
Light comprehendeth all
Large and small
in God's kingdom.
Discern the truth by me
Look unto my lantern
Ever I will shine
Without end.
Sweet is the Light
that leads all souls to goodness.
God in his heaven above
By His love gives it to thee.
Know that His light will dwell
with the meek and lowly
Ever shining on without end.
Receive my light,
the glory of my Gospel
Bring truth inside thy mind
Seek and find, love and learn.
Let thy light so shine
Unto all God's children
Ever let it burn without end.