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Easier Piano Hymns Music Book II (Spiral Bound)

This book become the most requested and most anticipated book EVER for Jason. After releasing the Easier Piano Hymns Book #1 the requests for a second volume of Easier Hymns has not stopped. What started as a project for his 10 year old son to have “decent” sounding hymns to play as he was progressing from being a beginner to more of an intermediate pianist, became a hit with piano teachers and piano players who wanted music that sounded like it was hard by was actually fairly easy to play. 

In 2021 Jason also released a book of “Easier Christmas” Piano solos which was met with many happy music fans. This new book has already received outstanding reviews from teachers and the common feedback received about this book is that it sounds much harder than it is to play. The music sounds full and not like it is from an easy book.

The idea of having music that could be played for a prelude without practicing for hours to sound “good” had mass appeal.

This new book of “Easier” Hymns will be Jason’s 3rd book of Easier songs and his 7th book of hymn arrangements. He also has released 3 Christmas books and 6 original song books.