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Sound Innovations for String Orchestra, Book 2 (Cello)

Product Description

Sound Innovations for String Orchestra, Book 2 continues your student's musical journey by teaching with segmented presentation of new concepts and introducing ensemble playing. Continue skill development with review, new keys, rhythms, tone development, and introductory scales and arpeggios. Provide MasterClass lessons with string ensemble videos and accompaniment recordings, available streaming at The isolation of new concepts helps facilitate understanding of the more advanced material. Following the unique Sound Innovations organization, the book contains four levels, each of which is divided into several sections that introduces concepts separately, providing benchmarks, assessment, and intermediate goals.

Plenty of practice and performance opportunities are provided in order to reinforce each lesson. With SI Online, access streaming audio and video content and explore the wealth of additional repertoire available online. Learn more at This title is available in SmartMusic. "Sound Innovations by Alfred Music is a dream-come-true method for beginning concert band and string orchestra. Its infusion of technology provides an open-ended architecture of the first order. This unique blend of time-tested strategies and technology offer a great foundation for a successful learning experience." ---John Kuzmich, Jr.,