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Teton Music Pianos, Strings and Sheet Music

As Children of a Mighty God (Duet/2-Voice)

2-Part Choir and Organ
Arranged by Michelle Willis


Sung to the same tune as “As Zion’s Youth in Latter Days” (Hymn #256), this boisterous anthem proudly proclaims our lineage as Children of a loving Heavenly Father. Written in 2-part voices and suitable for adult choirs or youth groups. 


As children of a mighty,
the agent gift is giv’n;
And each is granted mortal life
to prove ourselves for heav’n.

In realms above, our Father dear;
on earth, our brethren firm;
And angels, set to be our guards,
await our safe return.

As evil forces roam the earth
and rage in every land,
We’ll put our burning faith in God,
frustrating Satan’s plan.

The iron rod will lead the way
through mists of mortal life
And bring the souls of
weary saints unto eternal life.

We’ll turn our faces to the heav’ns
and praise God’s glorious name
For sending His Beloved Son
to claim us once again.

We’ll put our trust in Jesus Christ;
our Savior He shall be.
Together, with the hosts of heav’n,
we’ll live eternally.