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Church music budget on a shoe string or no budget at all? Check out beautiful LDS sheet music that's free of charge. That's right-gratis! These aren't your run of the mill music that's available on every other free LDS sheet music website. Many of these pieces are written by award-winning composer, Michelle Willis. Browse our selection, check out the lyrics, play a music sample and instantly download your free LDS sheet music. These pieces are a great choice for ward choir, vocal solos, primary programs, firesides and more.
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12th Article of Faith (SATB)


Arise, O Glorious Zion (SATB)


Families Can Be Together Forever (Solo or Unison)


Her Several Names (SSA)


I am the Light (SATB or Solo)


My Body is a Temple (Solo or Unison)


Our Father, By Whose Name (SATB)


Our Father, By Whose Name (SSA)


Receive Ye this Gift (Solo)


Rejoice, the Lord is King (descant)


Saints, Behold How Great Jehovah (SATB & Orchestra)


Saints, Behold How Great Jehovah-SATB


Thanks to Thee (SATB)


The Cry of the Shepherd (Solo)


The Joy of Ammon (SATB)


The Tender Mercies of the Lord (SATB)


The Tender Mercies of the Lord (Solo)


The Tender Mercies of the Lord (SSA)


This House We Dedicate to Thee (SATB)