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Open String Bow Workouts for Cello, Book One

One great thing to add to the beginning of your cello practice (at any level of playing!) is a short study on open strings.

Open-string studies on the cello can help you focus on your bow and how it interacts with the string. Good bow technique is essential for creating beautiful sound.

This book of new and exciting bowing workouts for the cello gives you 97 exercises to train your bow on open strings before you begin the rest of your practice.

Since there are no left hand notes, you can focus entirely on improving the dexterity and control of the right (bow) hand.

Useful also for students who are struggling with reading notes, this book gives cellists a tremendous resource for creating better tone.

The exercises work on on bow distribution, rests and retaking bows, slurs, triplets, dotted rhythms, double stopsstring crossing and more.

Note: The main focus of this book is achieving a steady, even, smooth tone. Dynamics, staccato, spiccato, and other articulated bowings are covered in Book Two.