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More Quiet Moments - Therapeutic Harp Music

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More Quiet Moments - Therapeutic Harp Music, by Darlene Walton, is the second collection of calming and relaxing pieces for the beginner-intermediate harpist. More Quiet Moments was written for use in harp therapy settings. Each piece is written in four keys and seven modes to give the harpist a variety of options if they choose to play the piece according to the listener's resonant tone. The mode in which each piece is written has also been included as have the chords for each piece so that the harp therapist can improvise or extend any given piece if they would like.

Each song is written in the keys of C,G,D and F.

"Fishing in the Stream" Ionian Mode

"Listening to Songbirds" Lydian Mode

"Orange Blossom Therapy" Ionian Mode

"Picking Wildflowers" Mixolydian Mode

"Picnic in the Meadow" Dorian Mode

"Singing by the Lighthouse" Mixolydian Mode

"Skipping Stones at the Creek" Ionian Mode

"Smelling the Spring Lilacs" Ionian Mode

"Standing on the Mountaintop" Aeolian Mode

"Sunset at the Shore" Locrian Mode

"Walking in the Woods" Phrygian Mode

"Watching the Storm" Aeolian Mode