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Asian Folksongs for the Smaller Harp

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This book has 22 folk songs of Korea, Taiwan, Mongolia, various Chinese Provinces and the Philippines in a lovely spiral bound book.

Asian Folksongs for the Smaller Harp; Traditional Songs from various Chinese Provinces and Asian Countries for the 26 string harp, by Deborah Dahl Shanks, is arranged for smaller harps, later beginner to intermediate levels. Sharps and flats are included. The folksongs in this book represent the different regions of China as well as other Asian nationalities such as Taiwan, Mongolia and representative pieces from Korea and the Philippines. Each province has a distinctive style with many musical nuances characteristic to each area. They are based upon traditional melodies often played on native wind instruments of these cultures or popular songs and lullabies that are sung to a simple accompaniment. The folk songs in this collection are designed for the smaller harp with one octave below middle C and a minimum of 26 strings. The arrangements are appropriate for musicians with a mid-beginner to intermediate level.