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Our Savior, Full of Grace and Truth

Organ and Choir/Congregation
Chad Staten

A couple of years ago, I decided to write a new hymn tune — just because. Recently, I was digging through the music folder on my computer and came across it again. I emailed it to my friend, John Longhurst, to see what he thought. He made a couple of suggestions and said this “is a bright, optimistic tune that should work well with a variety of texts.” I posted it here and asked if anyone would like to provide some words for my music. Becky Newson wrote in, saying “I’ve been having a nagging thought over the last couple weeks to make time to write a poem/hymn about love and grace. I was thinking I’d have to find someone to create some music for me, if I ever got that far. And then this shows up!” She penned these beautiful words. Since this is now a complete hymn, I’m taking down the posting of just the tune: STANSBURY (reference to Stansbury Island, not far from my home). Included now is a recording I made on the Hereford Cathedral organ with sort of a “conference” registration.