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Her Several Names (SSA)

SSA Choir and Piano
Music by Michelle Willis. Text by Elder Craig A. Cardon


Suitable for Mother's Day or any meeting where Motherhood, Womanhood or the Relief Society is the topic.


Her names, her several names
By which the Father knows her:
Daughter, sister, mother, and wife.
She speaks and brightness claims the day.
Rays burst upon her father.
His courage strengthened by her smile
...her name is daughter.
They grew together in a humble home.
He feigned he'd never miss her.
She taught, refined, and even praised him
...her name is sister.
Reverence fills his soul for what she does.
She molds him as no other.
Her warmth affects eternity
...her name is mother.
His world revolved around her love.
They cleave...twain find one life.
Unselfish, soft, and reassuring
...her name is wife.