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"The Spell" Children's Opera

"The Spell" Children's Opera
Libretto and melodies by Herriman Elementary 2nd graders

  • Production length: approx. 35 minutes
  • 17 songs
  • Recitative accompanado and standard arias/choruses
  • Written for students in grades K-6


Eight royal sisters are put under an evil spell by a group of
villains who want to take over the kingdom. The spell makes
the princesses argue and fight constantly. Their pet cats
summon the help of two woodland fairies, who call
super heroes from the future to rescue the princesses.

This is a great opera for groups that have no costume budget and want to use the Halloween costumes that their students have at home. Characters can be modified to fit whatever costumes your students have.

Music ranges from modern-day disco rhythms to classical orchestra.