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The Empty Pot

"The Empty Pot" Children's Opera
Libretto and melodies by Oakwood Elementary 2nd graders

  • Production length: 30 minutes
  • 23 songs
  • Recitative accompanado and standard arias/choruses
  • Written for students in grades K-6


This delightful opera stems from an ancient Chinese folktale. The Emperor of China must choose a successor to the throne in one year's time, or a curse will fall upon the land, brought by an evil-fire-breathing dragon. The Emperor decides to grant the throne to the child who grows the most beautiful flower for him. Young Ling, the greatest green thumb in the kingdom, can't get his seed to grow, even after giving it the tenderest of care.

The gorgeous orchestrations and ethnic instrumentation will take your audience to another land as they witness a tale of bravery and honesty from a young child's perspective.

The libretto calls for dance music, which is not included on the CD. It is recommended to use appropriate cultural music from your public library for any dance sequences.

Sample Songs