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Aulos "Classroom" series Tenor Recorder

Start recorder ensembles with this tenor recorder from Aulos, the world leader in high-quality student recorders for over 60 years.

Get a clear and gentle tone with the Aulos "Classroom" series 3-piece Tenor Recorder. This new model is lightweight and smooth in the higher register, but plays in the same key as soprano (C). Narrow mouthpiece, curved windway. Designed with a shorter right hand finger stretch to facilitate a more natural transition from soprano to tenor.



  • Dark brown color with ivory-colored mouthpiece & trim
  • Baroque fingering
  • Plays in the key of C
  • 62.2 cm in length
  • Three-piece construction allows for precise intonation
  • Soft & sonorous tone
  • Superb voicing, excellent intonation throughout full range of instrument
  • Lighter in weight and smoother in playing at the higher register
  • Narrow mouthpiece, stream-lined shape
  • Designed to make fingering easier without any keys, allows for a shorter right hand finger stretch
  • Curved windway
  • Concave bell at the foot joint
  • Patented double joint permits smooth joining with no air leaks
  • Constructed of strong high-class ABS resin
  • Lifetime warranty against plastic breakage
  • Includes leatherette bag, thumb rest, cleaning rod, joint grease, & fingering chart