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Sonor Palisono GBKX 100 Bass Xylophone

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item name Bass Xylophone
sound bars Palisono, yellow, 38 mm x 15 mm
item no. 24200601
highest note c2
lowest note f
accessories 1 pair Concert Mallet, SCH 25
tuning overtone tuning
sound bar material Palisono
sound bar color yellow
type bass
resonator box with 3 chambers made of pine plywood
series Palisono
scale C major scale
item description BKX 300
tones f, f-sharp, g, a, b-flat, b, c1, d1, e1, f1, f-sharp1, g1, a1, b-flat1, b1, c2
number of notes 16
sound bar width 38 mm
sound bars thickness 15 mm
unit 1 piece