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Boomwhackers 5-note Bass Chromatics Set (BWKG)

Chromatic Boomwhacker Instrument for Kids & Classrooms

Set of 5 bass chromatic Boomwhackers. This set contains the sharps and flats only - add it to the set of bass diatonic Boomwhackers (item 200347, available separately) to complete the chromatic octave below middle C. Includes 5 pitches (starting at C#, corresponding to the C below middle C):  

Chromatic Boomwhacker Details:
Low C# (red-orange)
D# (yellow-orange)
F# (dark green)
G# (blue)
A# (purple)  


  •  (Item #BWCG, sold separately)
  • Color-coded for each pitch
  • Great for any age and ability
  • Creates a sound on most surfaces (including body)
  • Highly durable and lightweight
  • Used around the world
  • Can withstand heavy cleaners required by many facilities
  • Boomwhackers® play reliably in all weather conditions and are stable to -180°F
  • Octavator Tube Caps (Item #OC8G) available separately to lower the pitch of each tube by one octave
  • Oversized shipping charges apply

Tubes range in length from 24" to 48"

Educator and teacher discounts on Boomwhacker Instruments
Bulk and Education Discounts Available. Contact us for a quote.