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Boomwhacker 16 Tube Activity Pack

Get active with the Boomwhackers® Activity Pack! 

Combine the joy of making music with the fun activities and games included with these colorful tubes! Perfect for music class, physical education, and camps! Set includes two 8-Note Diatonic Boomwhackers® sets, one Totally Tubular Vol. 1 book and Whactive book by Ellen Foncannon, one Boomwhackers® Games CD and More Boomwhackers® Games CD by Bradley Bonner. All contents available for individual purchase as well.



  • (2) 8-Note Low C to High C Diatonic Sets (BWDG)
  • (1) Totally Tubular Vol. 1 book by Ellen Foncannon (EFT1)
  • (1) Totally Tubular "Whactive" book by Ellen Foncannon (EFTW)
  • (1) Boomwhackers® Games CD by Bradley Bonner (BB200)
  • (1) More Boomwhackers® Games CD by Bradley Bonner (BB210)