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Buy kids, student and classroom percussion in Herriman, UT

We have access to thousands of percussion instruments from hand drums, tubano, djembe, conga and more through our trusted suppliers. We proudly support local and national teachers and classrooms to offer these quality instruments at discounted educational pricing.


Latin Percussion



Studio 49



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LP180 Black Jingle Stick w/Steel Jingles


Latin American Large Wood Maracas


Latin Percussion 234A Afuche Cabasa

$64.95 $43.95

Latin Percussion Egg Shaker (36)


Rhythm Band Wood Guiro (15")


Sonor Global Beat GAGB Alto Glockenspiel


Sonor Global Beat GS GB Soprano Glockenspiel


Sonor Global Beat SX-GBF Fiberglass Soprano Xylophone


Sonor Meisterklasse TAKM 10 Tenor-Alto Metallophone


Sonor Palisono GBKX 100 Deep Bass Xylophone


Sonor Palisono SKX 100 Soprano Xylophone


Sonor Palisono TAKX 100 Tenor-Alto Xylophone


Sonor Primary Deep Bass Metallophone


Sonor Primary Soprano Metalophone SMP


Sonor Soprano Diatonic Glockenspiel C3-F4


Step Bells

$39.95 $37.00