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Sonor Primary LWX 1 Walking Xylophone

Sonor walking xylophone, soprano range with six pentatonic pararosewood bars fixed onto a resonating chamber; includes one pair of Sonor medium-hard rubber mallets. The bar pitches are C2, D2, E2, G2, A2, and C3; however, the bars are not marked with the note names, making this instrument perfect for improvisation - there are no "right" or "wrong" notes to play. The name comes from the ability to hold the instrument by the strap on the bottom of the resonator box (resting the opposite end against the upper arm) and play the instrument while walking. This xylophone also has rubber feet on the bottom of the resonating chamber, for use on a tabletop or wheelchair tray. A great instrument for music therapy use: the therapist and client can use opposite ends of the xylophone, so that each person has 3 bars to play. An extremely portable instrument with a pleasant, warm tone; wonderful in any setting, bet it home, classroom, day care, community center, or music therapy session. Dimensions are approximately: 19.25" long x 3.25" high x 7.75" wide. Includes one pair of medium-hard rubber mallets; each mallet is approximately 10.5" long.

item name Walking Xylophone
sound bar color stained
sound bar material Sucupira
resonator box made of pine plywood
series Meisterklasse
tuning fundamental tuning
scale pentatonic starting with c
item description LWX
tones c2, d2, e2, g2, a2, c3
accessories 1 pair Rubber Headed Mallet, SCH 2
lowest note c2
highest note c3
number of notes 6
item no. 20606501
width 15 cm
height 8,5 cm
Length 50 cm
sound bars Sucupira, stained, 36 mm x 18 mm
sound bar width 36 mm
sound bars thickness 18 mm
unit 1 piece