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Sonor Primary AMP 1-1 Alto Metallophone

Sonor's Primary Series was developed after extensive research to improve the resonance and ensure a balanced sound. Sonor has significantly reworked the xylophone and metallophone resonator boxes. With skillful alterations of the chambers, Sonor has achieved an even more balanced and rich sound for these models. Try them and you'll see and hear the difference.

FSC pure certified Pao Rosa rosewood bars for xylophones and special light alloy bars for metallophones. FSC pure resonator boxes made without screws by using cross laminated birch plywood with 100% glued seams to hold the box together providing a more integral sound chamber. Precision tuning by hand, in the lower range overtone tuning, in the higher range fundamental tuning is applied to all models. Sonor Primary AMP1-1 alto metallophone includes 16 bars, c1 - a2 (with F# and Bb bars), and 1 pair of SCH25 mallets.


item name Alto Metallophone
version German model
Length unit ca. 735 mm
depth 01 unit ca. 320 mm
height unit ca. 200 mm
type alto
sound bar color silver
sound bar material metal, specially alloyed
resonator box with 1 chamber made of birch plywood, FSC™ certified
series Primary
tuning fundamental tuning
scale C major scale
item description AMP 1.1 DE
tones c1, d1, e1, f1, f-sharp1, g1, a1, b-flat1, b1, c2, d2, e2, f2, f-sharp2, g2, a2
accessories 1 pair Concert Mallet, SCH 25
lowest note c1
highest note a2
number of notes 16
item no. 27813301
sound bars metal, specially alloyed, silver, 35 mm x 5 mm
sound bar width 35 mm
sound bars thickness 5 mm
unit 1 piece