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Sonor Palisono TAKX 200 Tenor-Alto Xylophone Chromatic Add-On

Sonor chromatic add-on for fiberglass tenor-alto xylophone. This extra rexonator box comes with 7 bars (C#1 , D#1 , G#1 , C#2, D#2, G#2, C#3), and also has extra space to hold the two F# and Bb bars from your diatonic instrument. The fiberglass bars are overtone tuned to A=440, the industry standard. Palisono (fiberglass) xylophones have a similar resonance to rosewood xylophones. Their advantage is that palisono is not hygroscopic (pitch is not affected by changes in temperature or humidity), so these bars are ideal for humid climates. **Mallets not included.**

item name Tenor-Alto Xylophone
type tenor alto
sound bar color yellow
sound bar material Palisono
resonator box with 4 chambers made of pine plywood
series Palisono
tuning overtone tuning up to c-sharp2, fundamental tuning from d2
item description TAKX 200
chromatic extension for TAKX 100
tones c-sharp1, d-sharp1, g-sharp1, c-sharp2, d-sharp2, g-sharp2, c-sharp3
lowest note c-sharp1
highest note c-sharp3
number of notes 7
item no. 24200401
sound bars Palisono, yellow, 38 mm x 15 mm
sound bar width 38 mm
sound bars thickness 15 mm
unit 1 piece