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Sonor Palisono SKX 100 Soprano Xylophone

Looking for a top of the line, premium Orff instrument? Look no further than Sonor's Palisono series. Palisono bars are made from high-quality fiberglass and overtone tuned for premium sound quality and intonation. The fiberglass material is resistant to humidity and will maintain intonation regardless of seasonal weather changes.

Includes 1 pair of Sonor SCH11 mallets

item name Soprano Xylophone
type soprano
sound bar color yellow
sound bar material Palisono
resonator box with 3 chambers made of pine plywood
series Palisono
tuning fundamental tuning
scale C major scale
item description SKX 100
tones c2, d2, e2, f2, f-sharp2, g2, a2, b-flat2, b2, c3, d3, e3, f3, f-sharp3, g3, a3
accessories 1 pair Felt Ring Mallet, SCH 11
lowest note c2
highest note a3
number of notes 16
item no. 24200001
sound bars Palisono, yellow, 38 mm x 15 mm
sound bar width 38 mm
sound bars thickness 15 mm
unit 1 piece