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Sonor Palisono GBKX 100 Deep Bass Xylophone

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These Palisono Diatonic Xylophones are crafted by Sonor at their factory in Germany using the finest materials and techniques. The result: sonically and physically superior musical instruments. 

Palisono Series xylophones feature Palisono bars made of a specially developed fiberglass material which has the sound characteristics of rosewood. 

The bar material's uniform structure is superior to rosewood and does not readily absorb moisture, the usual cause of intonation problems. Palisono bars are heavier than rosewood and therefore rebound less when struck sharply. Diatonic instruments include extra keys for all F#s, Bbs, and a pair of mallets. Note range: C1 to A1. Sonor includes a pair of mallets with the Palisono Diatonic Xylophone.