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Teton Music Pianos, Strings and Sheet Music

Studio 49 Rosewood AX 1000 Alto Xylophone

Produced by Orff leader, Studio 49, offers ideal prerequisites for music education in nursery schools, kindergarten and preschools, or for home use. The compact style makes transportation easy and saves storage space. These qualities make these instruments especially appropriate for school settings. To ensure balanced sound quality, three resonance chambers are built in the soprano range and six in the alto. In addition, the unique design allows the instruments to be played on tables from a sitting or standing position. These instruments include F# and Bb bars and feature a patented resonance chamber for harmonic sound quality, compact style with integrated handles, and fabric-coated bar seating for lasting durability. 

  • Sound bars from Pao Rosa, incl. F#- and Bb- sound bars
  • Resonator box from high-quality pinewood
  • Multiple resonance chambers for a good sound
  • Especially compact design with integrated handle
  • Textile coated bar supports for lasting durability
  • Range: C1 - A2
  • 16 Bars, in the format 32 x 18 mm
  • Includes 2 CS 44 mallets

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