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Sonor Toy Sound BWG Boomwhackers Soprano Glockenspiel

The Sonor BWG Soprano Glockenspiel takes the popular SG Kinder model and adds Boomwhacker color coordinated bars. Featuring smoothed edges, built-in mallet holders, and storage slots for the F# and Bb bars when not in use, the Sonor BWG is perfect for young and beginning players. Bars attach by removable rubber pins.

Range: c3-f4
Diatonic - C Major scale
13 bars with F#3 and Bb3
Standard tuning
Boomwhacker color coordinated bars
Includes 1 pair of SCH 40 mallets

Ages: 3 years and older


item name BWG Glockenspiel using Boomwhackers colors
tuning fundamental tuning
type soprano
scale C major
item description BWG
tones c3, d3, e3, f3, f-sharp3, g3, a3, b-flat3, b3, c4, d4, e4, f4
lowest note c3
highest note f4
number of notes 13
item no. 27803101
unit 1 piece