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Sonor Meisterklasse V1571 13" Rotary Timpani w/Calf Skin Head

The principle of the rotary kettledrum for orchestral use, known since 1821, has been combined in the SONOR rotary timpani with a tried-and tested system of central tuning. The technical advantage of the SONOR timpani lies in the unimpeded transfer of vibration from the head to the shell. It is important that there should be no contact between the rods holding the tension screw and the shell itself. In SONOR timpani the upper part of the drum - which transmits the vibration from the head to the shell - is free of any screw mechanism. The construction of the SONOR rotary timpani is based on over 125 years´ experience.
V1571 13" Rotary Timpani with Calf Skin Head

Head Diameter: 13"
Tonal Range: G - e
Adjustable-Height Legs
Please note, mallets are not included

The Sonor Meisterklasse Skin-Head Rotary Timpani are sold individually and available in four sizes:

10" - Item 201601
13" - Item 201602
16" - Item 201604
18" - Item 201606

13" Replacement Natural Skin Head for this item is # 259542


item details with 3 Stand Legs ST
item name Rotary Timpani
drum heads calfskin
series Meisterklasse
scale chromatic
item description V 1571
tonal range approx G,G-sharp,A,B-flat,B,c,c-sharp,d,d-sharp,e
lowest note G
highest note e
number of notes 10
item no. 23501101
diameter 13'' (33 cm)
unit 1 piece