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Sonor Meisterklasse V1551 13" Adjustable Timpani w/Calf Skin Head

The Sonor Orff Meisterklasse Chromatic Screw Adjustment Timpani uses the most traditional type of timpani tuning mechanism. This 13" drum has an approximate range of G - E and has a calfskin head (which is less resistant towards changes caused by humidity but provides a warmer sound). This drum has three height-adjustable legs and would be a good part of any elementary music class.

13" Drum
Three Height-Adjustable Legs
Natural Skin Head
Tuning Range: G - E


item details with 3 Stand Legs ST
item name Screw Adjustment Timpani
drum heads calfskin
series Meisterklasse
scale chromatic
item description V 1551
tonal range approx G,G-sharp,A,B-flat,B,c,c-sharp,d,d-sharp,e
lowest note G
highest note e
number of notes 10
item no. 23500101
diameter 13'' (33 cm)
unit 1 piece