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Sonor Meisterklasse KS 40 L 15 Tenor-Alto Chime Bar Set, 15pc w/Ring Sing Sing Book

Arrange tones to suit your preference! Sonor chime bars offer almost unlimited flexibility. The sequence can be arranged or grouped completely to individual requirements. The instrument set KS40L 15 illustrates this feature in detail. The concept for the Sonor Meisterklasse instrument set KS40L 15 has been popular with children, kindergarten teachers and music pedagogues in Germany for years. Now Sonor has an English version for you!
Here are two examples of playing and arranging ideas:
Example 1
15 players get one chime bar each with one mallet. The players assemble in 3 groups: green, red, blue. The song „Jamaica Farewell" is sung with the chord sequence:C major (green), F major (red), G major (blue), C major (green). A conductor (teacher) gives the cue.
Example 2
Only the red and green chime bars from the KS 40 L 15 set are needed. 10 players each get one chime bar with a mallet. The players assemble in 2 groups: green, red. The song „Frog Concert" is sung with the chord sequence C major (green), F major (red). The conductor gives the cue.

  • Tenor/Alto Tonal range: c1 to c3 (15 bars)
  • Scale: C major
  • Special alloy metal bars 40 x 6 mm
  • Fundamental tuning Resonators made of shock-resistant Resophen, white
  • Includes 8 pairs of SCH5 mallets
  • Includes Rise, Sing, Play by Kerri Lynn Nichols, and other instruction material