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Sonor SMART Series ASX 1-1 Alto Xylophone, Pao Rosa Bars

The Sonor SMART Series instruments elevate performance with their enhanced sound developed through acoustical research and innovative resonance chamber designs.

The portability of the lightweight SMART series makes teaching easier, both in and out of the classroom. With an innovative bar mounting pin and unique resonator box design, teachers can easily stack the instruments, maximizing storage space. Students experience improved ergonomics with the integrated riser elevation. An innovative "accessory garage" is built into the resonance box of each SMART series instrument allowing for storage of the accidental bars and a pair of mallets.

Each note of the SMART series instruments has its own acoustical chamber within the resonance box, creating a more focused tone while reducing unwanted resonance. SMART series pins are shatterproof and interlock under the bar with a newly designed pin strip. The pins no longer protrude above the bar. As a result, the sound bars are tightly secure during transport and intense playing. This design allows for easy removal and swapping of the bars.

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  • Space Saving and Stackable Design
  • Mobile, Lightweight and Easy to Move
  • Acoustically Optimized with Innovative Resonance Box Design
  • Riser Integrated
  • Trailblazing Innovation: Storage "Garage" and New Pin System

ASX 1-1 Specifications:

  • 16 Bars: c1-a2
  • C-major Scale w/ f#1, bb1, and f#2 Accidentals
  • FSC Pao Rosa Wood Bars 30 x 15 mm
  • Precision-tuned to A440
  • 25" L x 15.25" W x 4.75" H
  • Weight 11.75 pounds
  • Includes 1 Pair SCH 23 Mallets