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Sonor Primary SXP 2-1 Soprano Xylophone Chromatic Add-On

Sonor Primary chromatic add-on for rosewood soprano xylophone. This extra resonator box comes with 7 bars and also has extra space to hold the F# and Bb bars from your diatonic instrument.; Included bars: Sharp: c2, d2, g2, c3, d3, g3 Flat: b3 **Mallets not included.** Primary xylophones support music reading.; The bars with the print of the note enable a visual connection between the sheet music and the instrument. All Primary xylophones have 35 x 18 mm Pao Rosa sound bars with overtone or fundamental tuning.; The redesigned stepped resonator boxes are made of solid birch plywood to prevent warping. The sound bars and resonator boxes of Sonor Primary xylophones are FSC certified, which means only timber from well managed forests are being used.; In addition an environmentally safe finish is used, based on shellac, oil and carnauba wax.

Description Soprano xylophone
Execution German version
Grouping Soprano
Sound Plates Color nature
Sound Plates Material Pao Rosa, FSC® certified
Resonance box with a birch plywood chamber, FSC® certified
Series Primary
Mood Fundamental tone tuning
Article description SXP 2.1 EN
Chromatic addition to SXP 1.1 EN
Tones cis2, dis2, gis2, cis3, dis3, gis3, b3
deepest tone cis2
highest tone b3
Number of tones 7
Article 27823101
Sound Records Pao Rosa, FSC® certified, natural, 35 mm x 18 mm
Sound plates width 35 mm
Sound Plate Strength 18 mm
Sales unit 1 piece