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Teton Music Pianos, Strings and Sheet Music
Rent violin, viola and cello from Teton Music

The best place to rent quality violins, violas and cellos

Rent violin online from Teton Music



  • Our rental instruments are used by students and professionals around the world
  • Fully carved and made from quality spruce and maple wood–never plywood or laminate
  • Upgraded strings for better tone
  • All rentals include all the necessary equipment and accessories for one great price


  • The best personalized customer service
  • Each string instrument rental is set up locally and tonally adjusted for the West's unique environment
  • Optional in-home/school delivery and set up
  • Easy exchanges and upgrades
  • Knowledgeable staff who have played string instruments an average of 30 years
  • Free tonal adjustments to keep your instrument in peak playing condition ($49 value)


  • 100% of your rental payments are credited toward the purchase of the instrument or upgrading
  • Change student instrument size at any time, without any loss of rental credit or rental contract change
  • Any string instrument you buy from us may be traded in for another

All our string rentals include:

- All spruce and maple instrument
- Bow and case
- Basic sponge shoulder rest (violins and violas)
- Rosin
- No service fees on anything!
- Exclusive discounts on music and accessories
- FREE delivery and set up
- 100% of the rental fee goes toward the future purchase of the instrument


Rent string instruments in Idaho and Utah


Getting the right size instrument is key to your student having a successful experience. We've created violin, viola and cello sizing guides to help you measuring yourself of your student. Need help choosing the right size? Stop by one of our violin shops and we'll be happy to help you find your instrument size.

Rent violins in Idaho and Utah from Teton Music
Rent viola in Idaho and Utah from Teton Music
Rent cello in Idaho and Utah from Teton Music

Rent your string instrument online!

Rent violin online from Teton Music


“Spencer was great to work with. My wife loves her new violin that I surprised her with for Christmas. I would recommend these guys to anyone!” -Brian Black

"I needed to find my instrument size and your website had the violin sizes explained perfectly! I ordered online and received my instrument shipped to me in a matter of days!" -Anthony D.

“I recently worked with Spencer and Michelle in purchasing a new violin. They were warm and welcoming. They went over the top making sure that my experience was perfect. The experience was about finding the perfect violin for me regardless of what price range that was. I was especially appreciative in how they took my non-common violin issues and worked with me. I do not believe I would have been as pleased elsewhere. The price and customer service were perfect. I left that night with the violin of my dreams and haven’t stopped smiling since. I have and will continue to recommend them to anyone. I will never go elsewhere for my violin needs. Thank you!” -Sharie OwYoung

“What a wonderful experience renting a cello from Teton Music! My son received a beautiful cello at a very reasonable monthly rate with no upfront fees and no hidden costs. We are so pleased to have found a trustworthy local company with excellent prices, excellent products, and excellent service.” -Christina Hackett

 "Easiest rental experience ever. Provided our credit card and completed the rental online. They were set up instruments so all we had to do was come to the music store for pick up." -Hannah Sylvester


String Rentals FAQ

We've compiled a list of common questions to help you understand our string instrument rental service better. If you have any additional questions, don't hesitate to contact us directly.

Q: What types of string instruments can I rent?
A: At Teton Music we offer a wide selection of string instruments available for rent. Our inventory includes violins, violas, cellos, and double basses, suitable for players of all skill levels.

Q. What is the warranty on your string instruments?
A. All of our string instruments carry a full one-year warranty against defects. We only sell high quality instruments to begin with so we experience very few problems. Every Teton Music violin, viola and cello are made from premium materials like maple, spruce and ebony. We also work directly with school music teachers to make sure we are supplying instruments that meet and exceed their standards. 

Q. Aren't there cheaper instruments we can purchase online? 

A. Possibly, but cheaper instruments usually mean low grade materials quality, poor craftsmanship and inferior quality. Many discount instruments are made of very low grade materials, poor craftsmanship, and very poor durability. We have seen schools bring these low-quality instruments in our repair shop when they break, only to be disappointed to hear the instrument is such poor quality it cannot be repaired.

Students who play on these cheap instruments are much more likely to become frustrated while playing and drop out of orchestra.

Q: How long can I rent a string instrument?
A: You can rent a string instrument from us on a monthly basis. We offer flexible rental terms to accommodate your needs, whether you're looking for a short-term rental or a longer commitment.

Q: Can I apply my rental payments toward purchasing the instrument?
A: Yes, we offer rent-to-own options. A portion of your monthly rental fee can be applied towards the purchase of the instrument, making it easier to transition from renting to owning.

Q: What is included in the rental package?
A: Our rental packages typically include the instrument itself, a protective case, a bow (for violins, violas, and cellos), and rosin. Some packages may also include accessories like shoulder rests or endpin stops.

Q: Is maintenance and repairs included in the rental fee?
A: Basic maintenance and repairs are included in the rental fee. If your instrument requires servicing due to normal wear and tear, we'll take care of it. However, damage caused by misuse or negligence may incur additional charges.

Q: Can I exchange my rented instrument for a different size or type?
A: Yes, we understand that as players grow or advance, they may need a different instrument. We offer size exchanges for growing musicians and can help you select a different type of string instrument if needed.

Q: How do I return my rented instrument?
A: Returning your rented instrument is easy. Simply contact our customer service team to arrange a convenient return date and location. Please ensure the instrument is in the same condition as when you received it.

Q: What if I want to upgrade my rental instrument?
A: If you're looking to upgrade to a higher-quality instrument, we offer a variety of rental or purchase options to suit your preferences. Contact us, and we'll be happy to discuss available upgrade options.

Q: Is insurance available for rented instruments?
A: Yes, we offer instrument insurance for a nominal fee. This insurance covers accidental damage, loss, or theft of the rented instrument, providing you with peace of mind during your rental period.

Q: How do I make rental payments?
A: Rental payments are typically made on a monthly basis. You can pay online through our secure payment portal, or you can arrange for automatic payments for added convenience.


Other Questions? Please call us at 801.808.9396 (Utah) or 208.313.7811 (Idaho)