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Piano Sales and Tuning Services by Teton Music
Piano Sales & Tuning Services

We carry three of the most well-respected piano brands in the world. Pearl River, Ritmüller and Kayserberg. We have a piano that fits your school's budget and stand by every piano with our 10-year warranty. We offer upright pianos for rehearsal spaces and baby and concert grands for recital halls and more. Best of all, schools and universities are guaranteed to receive the best service and the best pricing. 


Pearl River pianos in Idaho at Teton Music


Pearl River is the world's best-selling piano and is known all over the globe for their quality assembly. Pearl River is comparable to Yamaha pianos in tone and quality and on average $5000 less. These pianos are excellent for daily ensemble rehearsals as well as a budget-friendly concert piano.



Teton Music is Idaho's Exclusive Ritmuller Piano Dealer
Ritmüller pianos began in Germany in the 1800s and were immediately know for their quality European construction. The Ritmüller upright and grand pianos are comparable to Shimmer pianos with a richer tone. These pianos are a nice step up for schools who want to spend a bit more for more of a performance instrument.


Kayserburg is our Steinway-level brand that will truly surprise you. These pianos have gone head to head with similarly equipped Steinway models and perform better in a side by side comparison. They've even been rated by Piano Buyer and other industry magazines as a superior instrument and a more reasonable price. 

These masterpieces are found in homes and concert halls across the world and are a real treat to play. Kayserburg offers a selection of uprights and grands from a mighty 4'11" up to 9 foot concert grands.


Our piano technicians have decades of experience with pianos at every level. From family heirloom uprights to university concert hall grands, we care for your institution's piano and help keep it maintained. All of our tunings include a free 12-point inspection, exterior cleaning and polish of the instrument. Other services include: 

  • Pitch raise
  • Interior cleaning
  • Keytop repair and replacement
  • Registration
  • Hammer repair and replacement
  • Pedal adjustment
  • Hammer voicing
  • Lost motion
  • Sticky keys
  • Double striking keys
Piano tuning services in Utah and Idaho

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