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Eastern Idaho Professional Piano Tuners
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In Need of a Piano Tuning?

Our piano tuners will give your piano the perfect tuning you deserve

Pianos that are tuned by professional piano tuners get played more, build greater skill, increase confidence and better hold their value. Our expert tuners and technicians treat your piano with care as if it were their own. We provide everything from a standard maintenance piano tuning to pitch raises, repairs and even restoration. 


Piano Tuner Tuning

Piano Tuning

Pianos are designed to sound their best when tuned to A-440 (A above middle C vibrates at 440 cycles per second), the universal pitch standard. At A-440 pitch, power and tonal range are optimum and your piano will match the pitch of other instruments. By always maintaining your piano, you create long-term tuning stability because the strings and structure stay in equilibrium. You also ensure proper ear training because you always hear your music in the correct key.

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Piano Tuner Pitch Raising

Pitch Raises

If your piano has gone without tuning for an extended period or it has moved since it was last tuned, its pitch may have dropped far below A-440. This means that each of its approximately 220 strings needs to be tightened considerably, adding tremendous additional tension to the piano’s structure. The problem is that as each string is tightened, the additional load causes the pitch of the previously adjusted strings to change. Thus it is impossible to make a substantial change in pitch in just one step. Instead, a process called “pitch raising” must first be done, in which all strings are raised to their correct average tension levels. Only then can the piano be tuned.

Piano cleaning

Piano Cleaning

Cleaning your piano twice a year insures good health for your piano and your home. We take great care as we thoroughly clean all parts of your piano including the action, soundboard, bridge, hammers and underneath your keys. Health problems are known to be caused due to the dust and other contaminants found in a dirty piano. Some of the most common are, dust mites, mold, pet dander, mice and moths.

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Piano Technician Repairing

Piano Repair

Does your piano have keys that are sticking? Do the pedals not seem to be functioning properly? Are you hearing strange noises when you play? Whatever the problem, we can repair it.

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