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Teton Music Pianos, Strings and Sheet Music

Grant money from Idaho Empowering Parents. Partner with Teton Music
Idaho Empowering Parents Grant Partner

Odyssey is partnering with the Idaho State Board of Education to bring the Empowering Parents program to families across Idaho. Teton Music is an approved and preferred partner for families and students to use their state grant funds. Everything on our website qualifies for the grant including musical instruments, sheet music, method books, pianos, ukuleles, guitars and more. Hundreds of students have chosen Teton Music with the Empowering Parents program. 

Grant Eligibility Requirements

This is a program available to people who meet the following:

  • Resident of Idaho
  • Submitted an individual tax return for calendar year 2021, or were exempt from filing and filed a Form 40
  • Have children in grades K-12 living in Idaho

Signing Up for Empowering Parents Grant

Odyssey has been selected by the State Board of Education to administer the Empowering Parents grant money to Idaho families and students. Before you can shop with Teton Music, you must be approved by the program. Don't worry, getting started and applying is easy! 

Visit Odyssey's Website


Using your Empowering Parents Grant Money 

Once you're approved, request to enroll with Teton Music as a Odyssey vendor. We will quickly approve your enrollment and you can begin browsing and shopping online or at our Ammon location. We've helped families find digital pianos, acoustic pianos, violins, french horns, percussion, sheet music and so much more and all with their Empowering Parents grant money.

Learn how to make the most of the Empowering Parents program with these 7 tips for maximizing your grant

Use Empowering Parents Odyssey Grant Money