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Teton Music Pianos, Strings and Sheet Music
Financing options for piano and string purchases

Teton Music has partnered with the one of the best lending firms in the industry to offer you flexible financing options and help make your musical dreams become a reality. We offer financing for pianos as well as high end strings and harps. 

Piano financing company for Teton Music

Why Finance a Piano or Other Musical Instrument?

If you plan to purchase a long-term musical instrument or want to upgrade, financing offers a payment structure that allows you to take possession of the instrument while you make monthly payments for the purchase. After you have paid off the full amount, you will officially own the piano or other instrument and have no further financial obligations to the credit company.

Along with this advantage, applying for a loan is straightforward, with low interest rates available. In most cases, your credit won't be pulled.

Because many see the upfront cost as a hurdle to learning or progressing on a musical instrument, here's what you should know about financing.

  • Credit vs. Loans: This type of payment plan is equivalent to a store credit card, with no-interest financing over a specific period - for instance, 48 months. Because interest can increase after this point, you're recommended to pay off the amount by the end of this duration. Loans, by contrast, will be written for a specific period, during which you'll be expected to make monthly payments.
  • Shop around before you make a commitment: Financing a musical instrument shouldn't ever be a spur-of-the-moment decision. Instead, you're advised to try out models and constructions and get advice from your instructor or peers about design, sound quality and features. Expect to take at least a year of researching and exploring before finding the instrument that suits you.
  • Create a budget: This aspect can further narrow down your search and refine your financing options. Even with a loan or credit, it's a good idea to make an upfront payment, especially if you're looking for a quality, long-term instrument. Realize that loans may only fund part of the cost, and you're advised to be ready to pay at least 50 percent of the total.

Where Can You Discuss Musical Instrument Financing?

Teton Music wants everyone to find an instrument suiting their skill level and goals, be it for orchestra or a piano for personal use or community. We make financing accessible to all. Consider your options for purchasing an instrument and discussing financing:

  • Online: With the exception of acoustic pianos, all instruments and gear can be purchased online through our website. Reach out to us, or explore any of the links above, to see how you can finance your purchase.
  • In Ammon: We've been in business for over 20 years, and have established a reputation as a premier musical instrument retailer. Stop into our store to get to know our instruments and talk about financing solutions. Here, you'll have an opportunity to try out and purchase one of our beautiful, quality instruments.