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String Instrument Sales

We work with elementary, secondary and university-level schools across the state to provide their students with quality instruments at a fair price. Whether you're looking for a single instrument or a fleet for your entire orchestra program, we're the choice of Idaho educators. We've spent years vetting string manufacturer's to find the most reliable and trusted companies to work with. Our instruments are played by schools and symphony players around the world and are recognized with multiple awards. 

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String Rentals

Teton Music is East and Central Idaho's best resource for rent-to-own string instruments for schools and students. Come to our Ammon store or rent online and we'll deliver the instrument to your school. All of our string instruments are made from 100% spruce and maple, so your student gets an instrument that will not only last, but have great tone from the start. 

  • No-risk rental. We do not lock you into a long-term rental contract, but instead go month to month. Quit anytime.
  • Free student sizing. Come to us or we'll come to you and size your students for their rental. We'll also provide them with the basics of instrument care.
  • Low monthly rent. Our rental programs start as low as $20 a month with 100% of the rental payment applying toward the future purchase of the instrument. 
  • Free size upgrades. As your student grows, we will exchange their instrument for the next size-even if the instrument is already paid in full.
  • Extras & Discounts. Every string rental includes the quality instrument, carbon fiber bow, case, rosin and cleaning cloth. Plus, students and schools receive exclusive offers and discount on accessories, string replacements, music and more. 

Rent violins, violas and cellos in Idaho Falls


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the warranty on your string instruments?
A. All of our string instruments carry a full one-year warranty against defects. We only sell high quality instruments to begin with so we experience very few problems. Every Teton Music violin, viola and cello are made from premium materials like maple, spruce and ebony. We also work directly with school music teachers to make sure we are supplying instruments that meet and exceed their standards. 

Q. Aren't there cheaper instruments we can purchase online? 

A. Possibly, but cheaper instruments usually mean low grade materials quality, poor craftsmanship and inferior quality. Many discount instruments are made of very low grade materials, poor craftsmanship, and very poor durability. We have seen schools bring these low-quality instruments in our repair shop when they break, only to be disappointed to hear the instrument is such poor quality it cannot be repaired.

Students who play on these cheap instruments are much more likely to become frustrated while playing and drop out of orchestra.

Q. What if a string rental breaks or is stolen?
A. No problem. Our Maintenance and Theft Protection program covers the repair of most accidental damage to the instrument and also replaces the instrument if it is stolen. There is a small monthly fee for this service, but it’s worth every penny.